3rd Vice Commander Joseph Worthy


The people of today
just rant and rave.
They burn my symbol of freedom,
I just want to grab and shake them.

They have no sense of pride,
For your beauty you never denied.
Like my brothers before me,
I have fought to keep your colors free.

With every battle that we had won,
you were there to show who was number one.
When our brothers had died,
you caressed their bodies with pride.

We have our leaders to thank,
for allowing these people their prank.
To them it may be a cloth of colors,
to me it stands for freedom and honor.

We must ask our leaders to debate,
and change our flags fate.
My American Flag this promise I give,
to hold you high and let you live.

My words to you are profound,
I'll keep your colors off the ground.
I will guard and protect your stars and stripes,
with all my power, might and life.

Dan Solodon, a Disabled American Veteran, wrote "My American Flag" in college for a contest by the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society in Oklahoma and took 2 awards locally and regionally, November 23, 1991. Dan can be contacted at dsolodon@r66cci.com..

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Joseph Worthy, 3rd Vice