(Call 472-2552/press 3 for Specials or email:

OPEN Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday– Start at 11:15 AM & 6:45 PM.

Play 144 cards in the machine! Minimum age is 8 years old with a parent or legal guardian.
Tuesday “Triple Play” – packets $10/14/20 – win up to $750 on triple play packs!
THU, FRI (all day)& SUN AM only-All single winners on packet games will receive $10 Lucky Bucks
Thursday is G-Ball Blackout specialFirst G Ball Out on the last Blackout determines how many #’s are called to win the special blackout amount-starts at $200 and we add $1 per person session.
Fri & Sat PM: Blackouts $250/single; $500/double, regardless of attendance. If we have 120 people by the start of the Blue packet game, blackouts will be $500/single; $1,000 double!
 Saturday AM & Sunday PM – (5 - 1000.00 Blackouts on double packs, singles pay half)
Saturday & Sunday AM/PM-King or Queen for the Session
 First individual winner of the session will be the KING or QUEEN. The number they Bingo on will be the Jackpot number for that session. Every time the Jackpot number is called on the packet games, they will say pay the KING or QUEEN and they will receive $10 in cash and $10 Lucky Bucks
August Specials – Aug 25, 26, and 27—Seven hot balls at $250 each!
 Every Thursday in August is Customer Appreciation Day. There will be 5 drawings each session for extra Lucky Bucks!!

Ticket Drawing – Friday August 25th, 5-$100 Drawings both sessions.