I need Recommendations for who will receive the AMVET of the Year Jacket for 2017. Please provide who you are recommending and why they deserve the award. Date and sign it, place it in a sealed envelope and give it to me or our adjutant, Glenn Skinner by Thurs March 1, 2018. National AMVETS has 2018 scholarships applications available for veterans in college, high school seniors and ROTC students. Starting January 20th thru May of 2018 look into bringing those scholarships to Washington State. Go to ( Find the tab What We Do then Scholarships. Good Luck!!
MANPOWER IS NEEDED: Come and learn what it takes. We are looking for more AMVETS members to attend our Post meetings, perhaps become our new officers/board of trustee members or to volunteer. We need your experience and fresh ideas in making our post a place we all want to be involved in. Please consider helping our post continue to be a productive one for many more years to come.

   Taryn Hopey, Commander

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day, sharing with their special person. Looking forward to our ranks membership growing in 2018 with a great TEAM effort! The 5 in 1 membership contest continues until July 2018.

  Larry Stowe, 1st Vice

Jan 2018 there are several new additions to the new volunteer slip. Please print carefully to help make them readable. Not only does this make my job a little easier it will help maintain our non-profit status. Thank You so much for your support!

  Richard A. Holcomb, 2nd Vice

I hope all had a happy and safe new year. Thank you to all members for your hours of volunteer hours and the timely submission of your volunteer slips, which helps to keep our non profit status.

  Joseph Worth, 3rd Vice

Click here for the AMVETS Service Office Hours of Operation.

  Henry Hinton, Service Officer

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