On December 10th, 1946, a Curtis Commando R5C transport plane crashed into Mount Rainier, killing 32 Marines. Since then the Marine Corps has conducted an annual memorial ceremony, which we now call "THE ROCK Ceremony." It will be held on August 26th, 12 pm at the Veterans Memorial Park, 1009 Monroe Ave., Enumclaw, WA. Please join us for the ceremony held by the Marine Corps Det. 504, who meet at our post monthly.

   Taryn Hopey, Commander

Hope everyone enjoyed the Post Picnic. Special reminder to Annual members: Dues are due by August 31st. We are attending the S. Tacoma Business Dist. Car Show on August 19th for a membership drive and a white clover fundraiser. Please come and enjoy the day with us. It is between 50th-58th St. on South Tacoma Way from 10 AM - 4 PM.

  Larry Stowe, 1st Vice

Please turn in your volunteer slips by the end of each month. We need them to help retain our non-profit status! Please print your name at the top so I can read it and give you the credit you deserve. Please fill out a slip for each day, and if needed, include the reason in the remarks section.

  Richard A. Holcomb, 2nd Vice


  Joseph Worth, 3rd Vice

Click here for the AMVETS Service Office Hours of Operation.

  Henry Hinton, Service Officer

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